• Kelli Mize Ellard

Wings in which I Soar

My goals are big, and my dreams are strong

So why do I keep stepping out and doing myself wrong?

I rub my eyes hoping to see, what it is that I keep stopping me…

I know what I want, what I see, and what I feel

Yet I am my biggest obstacle because I cannot seem to heal.

These rules in my head, the thoughts that are holding me back

They are not here for my purpose work yet because of them, my dreams, I lack.

I cannot put my finger on what is stopping me now.

Is it fear of failure or self-doubt that I just do not know how?

Step out of my way disbelief and doubt,

Self-sabotage and disappointment is on its way out!

My heart is now open and through its eyes I now see

It is the love of my God that is here to guide me.

My success is unending on these wings in which I soar,

With every corner I now turn is another open door!

-Kelli Ellard

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