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Loving Yourself

She stood strong and peaceful with her toes in the sand, watching the waves ebb and flow along with the rhythm of her beating heart. The pounding surf soothed her soul and lifted her spirits as the sun and the wind played upon her skin.

There’s something magical about the language of the sea, and how it seems to provide deeper insight upon quiet reflection. The healing power of the ocean allowed her to surrender as tears of gratitude fell to mingle with the saltiness of the water.

There was a sense of freedom she had never before experienced - free to be herself; free from the fear of not being good enough, and free to continue to shift and change like the extraordinary tides.

It felt like a long journey to get to this place in time - to release the weight of the words, beliefs, and experiences that once shaped her, and become empowered to sculpt herself in a different light, using the beautiful tools of her true essence.

She danced with the revelation that loving herself was the answer she had been seeking all along, and embraced the joy of learning and accepting the uniqueness of the light she shares with the world.

-author unknown

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