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Is Fear Stopping you?

What is something that is holding you back, or that causes you fear, when it comes to trying something new?

For me it's the unwanted thoughts of the "worst case" scenarios....

In about a week I will be setting out on one of my longest solo hikes. I will have a dear friend with me for the first few days then I'll venture deeper into the wilderness... alone, well kind of alone, it will be me and my beautiful pup Ruger. I am supper excited, I love adventure, and I can't wait to be one with nature and to recharge!


I do have to admit, I have to stop, from time to time, and remind myself to STOP fanning the flam of fear and embrace the joy and excitement of the adventure. Because, instead of thinking of "hope" and all the fabulous things this new, much needed adventure could bring, and has instore for me, I think of the dangers that may be looming around the bend.

While fear is a natural thing and a good thing because it can, in some instances, keep us safe. It can also keep us from our true fulfillment!

So I ask, is fear holding you back today?

What are you most afraid of when it comes to trying something new?

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