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Do You Long To Live A Vibrant Life?

Vibrant, I love the word vibrant. Maybe because it means full of energy and enthusiasm. And let’s be honest... Who doesn’t want a vibrant life? It’s not easy to live in this world, so the thought of a vibrant life is rather appealing. If most of a 3,000-foot birds-eye view of our lives, we would see lives full of things to do but not always full of energy and enthusiasm...

The Bible describes a VIBRANT life like this: “In John 15, at a time when all of His disciples are feeling as if they are about to be uprooted, Jesus sketches a picture of this new life as a flourishing vineyard—a labyrinth of vines and strong branches steeped in rich soil, abundant grapes hanging from their vines ripening in the sun. Jesus sculpts a new Garden of Eden in their imaginations—one that is bustling with fruit, sustenance, and satisfying aromas. This is the Kingdom life. It is all about connection, sustenance, and beauty.”

How many of us want our lives to look and feel like this? “Flourishing” with “strong branches” and “abundant grapes”? This is the life that Jesus described. A life with deep roots in Him, able to thrive in every season. Let’s be honest! No one has a vibrant life on accident. No one has a flourishing garden unintentionally. We know God tells us that in order to be fruitful, we must be connected to and abiding in Him (the vine), allowing the Father (the Gardener) to prune and tend us. So, what does vibrant living look like on a daily basis? Especially when we are busy people, often with precious little time to ourselves. Vibrant living looks like a life grown on purpose. It’s living in such a way that shows we understand what God intended. It’s having the Abundant life He promised. It’s not some fantasy, unattainable, and envy-provoking vision or a dream that torments us with its impossibility. It’s a life that’s within our reach!

Many years ago, I found myself to be a single mom of two small children. I felt that once again, I had let my family down because I was unable to continue in the abusive marriage, I found myself in. I struggled to make ends meet and provide for these little ones. At one point I was working 3 jobs so that they did not go without. You can say I was burning my candle at both ends! This was a very stressful and hard time in my life. I was trying to do everything on my own... It was exhausting and before long my body paid the price for it. I was overcome with a rash that was very itchy, painful, and it caused my hair to start falling out. After 4 months of doctor visits, biopsies, meds and not being able to get a handle on it, I realized stress was the culprit, and that I could not continue trying to do it all on my own. That realization and that day was the day my eyes were opened, I decided then and there that there was a better way for me, for us…

One of the hardest parts in life, whether it’s hard times or something we immensely enjoy, our internal parameters are hard to find. Because it’s enjoyable to work hard and experience results, it can be difficult to know when it’s time to clock in and clock out. But, like anything, we need to have a day of rest. If God needed a day of rest, then certainly we do also. So, this is where I got to work. Finding ways to create Godly boundaries and protect what I liked to call “My garden.” I learned what it was that God held me responsible for and what He took care of. I learned that as I took care of myself and stewarded what was mine to steward, I could serve others out of the overflow. Only when my little world was healthy and safe was, I truly going to have a vibrant fruitful life that would benefit others.

Vibrant living is possible, but we have to submit to the process. We have to trust the Gardener. There are 4 key things I want you to understand a few things about Growth:

1. All growth starts at baseline. It is a process, and it takes time. None of us have been born fully formed and ready to go. We can learn from others’ experiences or our own but eventually, we have to try it out ourselves. Everyone starts out as a beginner. So take a deep breath and allow the vibrant transformation process to begin. It WILL take time... You WILL get there!

2. Growth happens slowly. There is no such thing as overnight success. Every overnight success has toiled for years to get to where they are. True growth is incremental. No matter how gifted, privileged, or talented you might be, growth is a gradual process. One person might look like they are growing faster than you. Don’t be tempted to compare... growth is measured in years rather than moments.

3. Certain conditions and particular environments are necessary for growth. When a baby is born, it requires particular care for that stage of its development. If you don’t care for the infant properly, it will not thrive. It’s important to understand that not all environments and conditions lend themselves to growth. There are and will be, environments and seasons that are perfect for your growth. Sometimes you will have to intentionally find them.

4. Growth can be traced through the stages of development, think of them as building blocks. Each stage is vital and cannot be skipped. They are predictable and normative phases to spiritual growth. Don’t worry, all mature Christians have passed through these stages. It’s important to have grace for yourself and for others who may be working their way through them. You need to know, It is not always pretty!

Navigating through all stages of development for a vibrant life is much like using a map and compass to explore an area you’ve never been. There will be ups and down and at times the end may be hard to see. We may make it to our promised land sooner than 40 years, but we all have to walk through the desert because there are no shortcuts. Maturity isn’t a gift... it’s a process. Have faith. You may not be where you want to be but... You’re on your way!

YANA (You Are Not Alone), I help women like you succeed in life to achieve their dreams. My mission is to give you the tools, the map, the compass to make your dreams bigger than your memories and fulfill your God-given purpose. Everything we do is to help you recognize, develop, and achieve all God has in store for you.

Live the life you want, the one God intended for you! Start today so don’t have to live another year as though it’s just a rerun of the last.

​Need a guide to help you navigate the journey? Schedule a complimentary call with me.

And in case no one has told you today, I love you dearly!

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