• kmizelmt

As I Sit...

As I sit with myself, I wonder, who it is I seek

The one that lays deep inside, that person inside of me.

Is she beautiful, is she strong?

Is she the person in whom I long?

When I meet her will I know, or will she know it is me,

And when she looks upon me, what is it that her eyes will see?

Will she be angry, or will she just cry, at the pain that I have caused

By my unwillingness to know her, to listen, or just to pause…

I have ran from my troubles, trying to forget the past

But the pain that lies within, has surfaced yet at last.

I am ready now to face it once and for all

To mend the broken pieces that shattered in the fall.

So, I set with myself and wonder, who is this person that I seek

The one who sits inside me so quiet and so meek.

I know that I caused her some very deep pain

By turning from her each time that she has called out my name.

For I am afraid that when we meet, her heart she will turn away

For this is what I have done to her, day after day.

I hesitate to look within, what if its bitterness that she holds

No stop right there! Do not turn away, for you must see what unfolds.

As I look deep inside, her heart it starts to glow

With love and light that shines so bright, true peace starts to flow…

Why is it that it took so long for me to truly see,

This amazing, beautiful person that IS me!

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